Sunday, July 24, 2011

Putting up Sugar Snap Peas from your summer garden!

Sugar Snap Peas!!!
On this lovely Sunday morning, I woke up to my hubby STILL sick from the previous WEEK :( (poor guy). So since we couldn't buzz off to church like normal, I decided I should probably pick and put up the mountains of peas growing in the garden! :) How rewarding is it to see your 4 year old pick something out of the garden and take a big, green, crispy bite and say, "MMMM! Mom these are awesome!" So after picking, we ended up with about 5 lbs of peas! :) YAY! As I prepped them for freezing, I snapped a few pics so I could share with you! Peas are SUPER easy, and yield a TON! We just planted them in the spring with a line along side of the plants to give them something to vine onto, and voila.....

             SINK FULL OF PEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st- I threw them all into a sink of cool water and started rinsing and scrubbing all the gunk off of them. I transferred them to the other side of the sink after i snapped the bloom end off of each one! :)

     Then we rinsed again! :) just to make sure ALL  the yuckies  were gone! :)
We split the peas (haha, split pea!) into three groups (b/c my pot wasnt that large) and boiled each group for 3 minutes. This is just enough to kill any little grubbies in there, but not long enough to actually cook the peas!
Quickly transfer peas from the boiling water into an ice bath. This stops the cooking process! :)

Lay the peas out on a towel and allow to dry or pat dry.

We patted dry with a 2nd towel :) We also flipped the 1st towel onto the 2nd towel to let the water drain off from both sides (if that makes sense) :)


When all of the peas are dry, put about 3 handfuls into quart size freezer bags and freeze! You can put more or less into each bag or buy gallon bags depending on your family size and how many peas you can consume @ one time!

Thats it! Done! :) Wasnt that easy!??! Now you'll have fresh, fabulous sugar snap peas during the winter! :)


  1. Wonderful! How much did you plant to get that yield?

  2. just got this comment Julie! (crazy blogger! LOL) and we planted 3 rows about 8ft long :)