Sunday, May 22, 2011


CLOSED! Winner is A-PATCHE Patchwork Clothing! I will be emailing the winner to let them know they won and letting them know how to claim their prize :)

Dan from New Life Marketing (my go to friend for all things web related!) has donated his talents for you to win a FREE custom fan page landing/reveal tab. If you don't know what that is, you're missing out-especially if you own a fan page! :) A landing/reveal tab is the place people, who are not fans (YET!), will land when they type in your business fan page's URL. It shows them where to "Like" and can offer them a coupon/discount/info or anything else you want! It is super beneficial to a fan page-generating you more likes! :)

Head on over to his facebook page! (PS-We will confirm that all winners ACTUALLY do LIKE the page before emailing! :))

Then come back here and comment with your email address in the format yourname[at]email[dot]com so the robots don't steal your email! :)


  1. artjewl[at]artjewl[dot]com

  2. So, I'm only entering this one for my boyfriend's boss who has employed him since his business opened. IF that's ok. He owns a computer business here in Lafayette, IN called Computer Reboot. The employees do a great job with their repairs and they are the cheapest in town. (Even if a little biased!)Best Buy employees even come by to get their computers fixed! This is in no way an advertisement. I'm just explaining why. The company is also green- they recycle all sorts of electronic parts- take them apart and send the various pieces where they need to go to be recycled. The owner would love this! leahronnie0810(at)yahoo(dot)com. If my entry doesn't count then I understand!